Friday, June 26, 2009


There is one thing that cannot be stopped. That unstoppable force is belief. Sometimes people lose faith, and lose hope. Rarely do you hear of someone no longer believing. Belief stands apart because once the state of belief is reached there is only one direction to move, and that direction is forward.

Much of the inspiration for this post comes from a song by Yellowcard, the song is titled ‘believe’. 'Believe' is a tribute to those who went into the twin towers to save the lives of others. When the song is fully understood, it is very powerful. Check out the lyrics at: Check out the song at:

I cannot put into the words the bravery displayed by those individuals who rushed into the twin towers. What does it means to believe in something knowing that it is very likely that you will die in the process? What went through the minds of firemen who rushed into the second tower even after the first tower had collapsed? When people truly believe in something anything is possible. More importantly belief can conquer any fear irregardless of how serious that fear may be. I praise God for the examples we have of people who held to their beliefs regardless of what they faced. One day may we all reach the state of belief.

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