Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I've never done this before

Life on the water is something I am accustomed to. I believe some of the inspiration comes from my grandfather who sailed most of his life. However, most of the time I spent on the water is a result of my father’s passion of taking his sons fishing. Let’s assume my burning desire to be on the water is part of my genetics. Despite the fact I’ve spent over 1000 hours on and around the water, I never got around to driving a boat before. This past weekend changed all of that. Within a few minutes I had learned the essentials of driving a boat. I owe all the thanks to my brother. I now believe I have a good understanding of the critical aspects to running a boat, but I am sure I still have much learning to do.

The knowledge I lacked just a week ago prevented me from exploring the waters of North Lake on my own. From just 10 minutes of learning I am now free to roam the waters as I please. To have this awesome privilege it was as simple a taking a short amount time to learn.

Thanks for sharing this moment with me Jenna.
This experience taught me to have a much better understanding of how being tentative can keep you from incredible opportunities. Obviously we all only have a limited amount of time. Yet when we let our business and current responsibilities get in the way of new opportunity we can often miss out on a chance of a lifetime. Promise me you will never make the saying ‘you can never teach an old dog new tricks’ a reality in your life. Keep learning, keep growing, and keep exploring the world around you. New blessings are under every rock your turn over.

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