Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A calling bigger than yourself

A few days ago, I ran into someone I rarely see anymore. That person is about to start a journey to become a Navy Seal. This is a feat that few men aspire to achieve. In order to accomplish this task Bryan will have to endure physical pain and mental stress that most human beings could never withstand.

I do not believe most of us will or should pursue a career as a navy seal, an army ranger, or a member of delta forces. Yet, I do wonder why many of us are complacent to the point that we fail to live lives that are bigger than ourselves. If you have it within your power to make a difference in this world and you consistently fail to do that, I only can wonder why. I believe the main reason I fail to make a difference is because of my own selfishness or even fears I possess. Despite my excuses, in the end I must make a difference.

I hope and pray that you find it in yourselves to step outside your own world and impact the lives of others. I want to personally thank Joe Palmer for his service as an Army Ranger. His service will not be forgotten. I also pray Bryan Dunn will aspire to be all he can be as he pursues his goal of becoming a Navy Seal. In a discussion with Bryan’s dad a few days ago, I walked away with something special from our conversation. Bryan’s dad told me he encouraged Bryan to spend time each night in his bible as he is away pushing himself to his limits. It is encouraging to see that people all around us see the importance of God as we push ourselves to fulfill callings that are bigger than ourselves.

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