Wednesday, June 24, 2009


It always fascinates me how important anticipation can be for us. Since much of life is spent on minute details our anticipation of great events can be critical to our survival. We spend incredible amounts of time at work, doing homework, cleaning, and other basic aspects of life. There are moments when we must push through the minor things in order to create free time for the memorable moments in time. Knowing there is something grander is all part of the journey.

Today I found myself eager for Transformers: The Revenge of the Fallen. I decided to venture out with Jenna to the I-Max theater in Ann Arbor. The past few days as I waited for this movie I frequently found myself thinking about it. All I will say is that the movie lived up to its hype. Check it out for yourself, you won’t regret it. (Enjoy it Zack!)

Please realize I am not saying the minor aspects of life are not important. They have their place. Yet the pinnacle of our existence is found in the epic surrounding us. Words can’t explain the importance of the crucial moments in our lives. Defining moments make us who we are. The anticipation leading up to these events makes them all the greater. Never take for granted the moments leading toward something inconceivable. Without the continuous anticipation leading up to them, they may be deemed meaningless.

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