Thursday, May 28, 2009

To change something, even something small always changes history

I discovered that both you and I can change history. I am not sure how,
when, or in what way, but here me out. My friend JD Van Valin recently
told me that the Free Methodist Church started in upstate New York. Now
why is this important? Well, the fact that one church went on to
develop many more churches and an even universities has forever changed
the lives of many people including myself.

Now let's discuss history that is being made right now. Well there are
these two websites Facebook and Twitter. They allow people to connect
to each other all the time in different ways. Both of these sites are
rather new, especially Twitter. I am amazed that I really am able to
keep in touch with and follow the lives of many friends that I hardly
ever see anymore. Often the experiences my Facebook friends post photos
of, or even tell about in their status inspire me to do something. It
may be to travel somewhere, or just look for something that they
mention is valuable to them. Twitter on the other hand tells me tid
bits of information that often get me excited or even lead me to
discover something new. Strangely enough these simple websites allow
people to impact me and share life with me.

As we write the history of our own lives we touch others. An incredible
but disturbing movie that displays this is 7 pounds with Will Smith. We
see his burning desire to impact seven lives for the better after he
accidentally took the lives of 7 other people. I can't say enough about
how this movie makes me think about how I impact the lives of others. I
discussed this with Jenna after we watched the movie together at the
theater. My favorite TV show of all time 'LOST' shows crazy examples of
how our lives are all connected in incredible ways. In the show we see
how the connections with others play out as the lives of the characters
unfold. The show is incredibly complex and kept Adam, Zach, Brian, and
myself up until 4 in the morning one night discussing what it all means.

Here is the best example of how something small can change a big part
of your life. I recently had a short discussion with Kris Rose about
running. He explained how he runs 6 days a week and in turn has seen
noticeable changes to his health b/c of that. After that conversation I
choose to run 6 days a week from here on out (I was running 3-4 days a
week before that). Now running is even easier b/c it is just something
I do everyday. I was running about 1.5 miles now I am already up to
about 3 miles into my 3rd week of running 6 days a week.

If I am given the opportunity to be part of your life, I pray my impact
is one that leaves a positive mark on the history of your life story.
So remember you are making history everyday whether you realize it or