Thursday, June 18, 2009

Everyday it becomes more clear

Life is often a confusing and difficult journey. However, I am confident that if you take the time to step back and observe the world from a proper perspective you can see the miracles all around us. I remember the days of high school so clearly. Life seemed so big; there was so much to be discovered. Now just 9 years after I started began my time in high school I have a completely different perspective. Life is happening all around us. Life is unfolding all around us. With each day that passes more of the story is written.

Thankfully the story is has a writer with a plan. Despite many different opinions, I am 100% confident that God is allowing his story to unfold under his guidance. While people have choice and free will, God still continues to direct the show. Just as the orchestra has a director and musicians, so to is God the director of the world and we the musicians. Think about it, during a concert the musicians can make mistakes and go off rhythm, but if they want to be part of the grand show they need to stay in sync with the director. The director wrote the music and knows how everything should sound. From there he directs the show. Thankfully, God gave us the bible so we to have the notes to follow the show. When we go off the course of how the music is supposed to be it hurts us seriously (on stage it makes us look foolish). If we fix our mistakes and find our way to be in sync with all the other members of the orchestra everything returns to how it should be.

God’s story is unfolding. I can’t express how quickly. The history of the world is unfolding before our very eyes. Shows like LOST and Heroes reinforce this for me. Writers such as C.S. Lewis make God’s story all the more understandable. My aim each day is to remain in sync with the director of my life, the LORD Jesus Christ. Each and every day this is my aim.

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