Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Doesn't that look good...

The eyes enjoy nothing more that to stare at something beautiful. Scientifically speaking it is the brain, but simply put our eyes always enjoy a great view.

Recently I had the privilege of traveling to Niagara Falls. I was out near Buffalo for a wedding, so it was no problem to jump up to Niagara to see the falls. There is no better way to say it other than to say, “The falls are breath taking”. It blew my mind away how much water pours over the falls every second. When Jenna and I took the Maid of the Mist down by the falls I felt as if we were in a hurricane. Water and wind rushed all around us as we moved closer to the falls. From my observation the power of the falls fits perfectly in the category of nature’s unmatched powers.

While you spend time on this planet do your best to enjoy and take in all that nature has to offer. God didn’t mess around when he created this planet. Nothing man makes can compete with the true wonders of nature. If you want some good examples of how wonderful nature is, just check out the TV series planet earth. Check it out at this website: Planet Earth. You can rent the series at blockbuster or sometimes catch it on discovery channel reruns. There is also a new movie out in theaters called 'Earth', the movie is a synopsis of the planet earth series. I promise you will enjoy if you are one who appreciates the earth that our great God created!