Monday, June 8, 2009

Just for the Fun of it!

Some people call me Grandpa, some people call me a deep thinker, Jenna will even sometimes even call me boring, but for one day I want to break those stereotypes about me. Counter to popular belief, there are times when even I live life just for the fun of it.

Recently at the Bronsink wedding I decided to let loose and hit the dance floor. I didn’t spend hours on the floor, but I spent enough time out there to make a fool of myself. At the time dancing proved to be nothing other than hilarious. When a bunch of guys who rarely dance make it to the dance floor actually step out and dance it is quite the sight. To the good times we had dancing at the Bronsink wedding. To those who failed to get out there, shame on you!

Another exciting opportunity presented itself during our 9 mile bike ride this Saturday. The majority of the ride Jenna and I would ride alongside each other; however, every now and then I would get the itch for speed. Just when we would reach a steady decline on the trail I would accelerate as fast as I could go. These bursts of speed would last around a minute. With each burst there was something about the speed which was thoroughly enjoyable. My best guess is has been a long time since I have been on a bicycle, and an even longer time since I attempted to ride at top speed on a bike.

Both of these experiences where short lived, but each was tremendously enjoyable. In my life I find that the most enjoyable things are here and gone. At times it will be moments that are the most, other times it may be an hour, and I guess if you are truly blessed it may even be a whole day. Regardless of the length of time always be ready for those times in life that are priceless. The MasterCard commercials were the perfect example of the most enjoyable moments. Just remember money will never by true happiness.

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