Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Do the hurdles in life slow us down? Do they make us stronger? Or are they necessary to teach us something? I cannot pinpoint which one of these questions is most appropriate. Perhaps hurdles our put in our path for a number of reasons, or perhaps there is one main reason. I trust that God uses them for our benefit, yet I am still trying to make sense of them.

When life gives us roses, we often ask for a whole bunch more. Yet it is life’s hurdles that bring us back to reality. Hurdles remind us that we are not invincible, that there will be struggle in this life. Simply put, hurdles remind us of many aspects of life we would rather not deal with. It is our human nature to try to run over these hurdles. Regardless of our many attempts, it is those times that our foot hits the hurdles that we get penalized, and those times when we fall on our face that hurt the most.

Compared to many individuals, I consider myself blessed to have dealt with very few hurdles. So I will refrain from discussing my own hurdles that I am currently dealing with. My question today is what hurdles must you leap over? And more importantly what steps need to be taken for you to successfully go over these hurdles?

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