Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's all a mystery

Dumbfounded is the word I am looking for. How else can you describe the illusions of life? Doesn’t life often seem as if it can’t be real? I always find it hard to believe that every day billions of people are interacting with each other as the day passes by. Then when I make it personal, I will never even come close to meeting 1% of the world’s population (1% of the world’s population is 67,723,391 million people). In some sense, it’s impossible for me to fully understand that there is person in China harvesting rice patties as I write this. I’ve never seen that person in my life, and there is a good chance I never will. Regardless of that, I am told that this person exists and lives their life in a place half way around the world from me.

How can we really make sense of a world that is so big? I am not sure it is really possible. Media such as the TV and newspaper give us somewhat of a better understanding of this massive world around us. Traveling also allows us to get a glimpse of a new culture. Simply put the world is too big for even individuals such as the President of the United States to understand. God has uniquely developed this incredibly diverse planet that we always baffle me. I am humbled to know those individuals who leave the comfort of their own culture to go a missionary journey for the Lord. Leaving the world we all know to enter into a new one is certainly a journey.

If we choose stay here in America or leave to teach English in another land, I still believe we have much to learn. Take heart in the fact the world is complicated, appreciate the reality that life is a blessing, and open your eyes and ears to the truth that you will never know it all. Safe journeys to those who are traveling around the world.

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