Thursday, July 9, 2009

Stopped right in your tracks

Life seems perfect when everything is moving forward at what seems to be the speed of light. It is those moments when you find yourself stopped dead in your tracks when you are forced to wonder what in the world is going on. My natural reaction to being stopped is to get moving forward as quickly as possible. However, life often manipulates the situation so that it is impossible to get moving in the same direction that you were going. Sometimes the fork in the road means you must make a turn down a new path. Yet other times it appears we may even need to do a little back tracking.

There is certainly no life map for which directions we are to take. Life is sort of like a map with coffee stains on it. Sometimes the stains may reflect some of the mistakes we’ve made, but more often than not the stains are just the uncertainty of life. We wish the map could show us which way to go. But those stains do a good job of stopping us from seeing which way we are to go. At this point it is our job to have faith the decisions we make without really knowing which decisions are the right ones. We can pray for guidance, and there will be times when God makes it clear as day. My guess is more often than not God will allow you to make the decision. Meaning God hopes you choose to honor him in your difficult choices even without a clear sign.

When you are knocked down, we you are hard pressed on every side, when you are faced with great trials, when you are stopped dead in your tracks, don’t be afraid to do make the tough choice. It will often be much harder than the easy way out. All I can promise you is a much more rewarding experience if you choose the road less traveled. The path that leads to life will always be more difficult yet possess much greater reward.

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